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Types of Submissions

Archivaria includes several different sections, accommodating a wide range of submissions of different types and lengths:

  • Letters to the Editor: Short rejoinders to previously published material, and communications of new information, corrections, criticisms, etc.
  • Articles: Theoretical and otherwise scholarly treatments of subjects based upon in-depth research and/or extensive reflection.
  • Studies in Documents: Scholarly articles on archival documents or bodies of documents, including their origins (context of creation), functions (original, subsequent, and current), structure, evolution, and/or content.
  • Counterpoint: Provocative and challenging pieces, presentations of new arguments or opinions, article-length rejoinders to previous Archivaria publications, and trial balloons.
  • Communications: Articles describing developments or events in the Canadian and international archival community, technical information, and/or descriptions of procedures or practices likely to be of interest to the readers of the journal (excludes shorter notes on these and other topics, which appear in the ACA’s newsletter, Scope and Content).
  • Book Reviews and Notices: Critical assessments of books and other publications judged to contribute to the themes explored in the journal.
  • Exhibition Reviews: Critical assessments of the purposes, themes, preparation, presentation, and educational potential of physical or virtual exhibitions of archival documents. Emphasis should be on the analysis of archival and historical issues raised by an exhibition and/or related publication, using examples from the exhibition to illustrate the author’s critical assessment.
  • Film Reviews: Critical assessments of films that contain significant amounts of archival footage, images, or other materials or that use these materials in creative or innovative ways. Emphasis should be on the educational, aesthetic, illustrative, narrative or other value these materials have within the overall structure of the film, using specific examples from the film to illustrate the author’s arguments.
  • Obituaries: Short biographical pieces memorializing individuals who have made a significant contribution to the Canadian archival community.

Prospective authors are invited to submit manuscripts for consideration in either of Canada’s official languages, English and French. Material submitted for publication must be original work that is not under consideration for publication elsewhere and that has not been previously published in its present form.

Submissions to Archivaria are judged on a case-by-case basis through a rigorous editorial review and peer assessment process. Qualified readers evaluate all manuscripts (including articles for Studies in Documents and Counterpoint) through a double-blind peer-review process. Any substantive editorial changes will be cleared with authors before publication. Each author of every article, review, or obituary that is published in Archivaria may request a complimentary copy of the journal issue in which his/her piece appears. Complimentary PDFs will also be provided to authors who request them.